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another meme i won’t finish - 1/20 female characters
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kitsune-jade said:
Wait, wait. Are people actually saying they are going to boycott Agent Carter because of the news about Jan? Of all the things to boycott, Agent FUCKING CARTER? Are people even thinking logically? How in the world would that make the Marvel execs rethink their decision. I mean how does Agent Carter directly affect what happened to Jan? Shouldn't people boycott or you know stop giving support to the project in which Jan should be in like Ant-Man or Avengers? What. Just. What?! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
zarabithia replied:

Well, you have to remember that Marvel fandom loves nothing more than pitting women against each other, so the “I’M BOYCOTTING AGENT CARTER BECAUSE I’M NOT GETTING JAN” is actually a sequel in a long line of fail that also included these blockbusters: 

1. I’m Boycotting the Black Widow Solo Book Because It’s Not A Mockingbird Solo

2.  I’m Boycotting the Black Widow Solo Book Because Remender Fridged Sharon

3.  I’m Boycotting the Black Widow Solo Book Because Marvel Only Cares About Black Widow 

4. Carol Danvers Is the Only Female Character Who Deserves a Solo Movie

5. Carol Danvers Deserves a Solo Movie More Than Black Widow

6. Natasha Stole Sharon’s Role In CATWS

7 . Maria Hill Stole Sharon’s Role in CATWS

8. Jessica Drew and Natasha Have No Right To Be In Secret Avengers Because MOCKINGBIRD IS BETTER!!!!!!!!! 

9. Sif is More Important Than Jane Foster FOR FEMINISM

10. Jane Foster Is More Important Than Sif FOR FEMINISM.

So you know. Marvel Fandom: Pitting Women Against Each Other Since They Unfortunately Gained Access to the Internet. This particular failure is standard operating procedure. 

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Mavel Fans: DC doesn't have a Wonder Woman film but Marvel has a Raccoon with a gun!
Me: Marvel just erased Janet Van Dyne and Cassie Lang from the Ant-Man film, the latter is the sole reason why Scott Lang became a hero.
Marvel Fans: Captain America is Now Falcon! FIRST BLACK GUY AS CAP!
Me: First of all, Isaiah Bradley. Secondly, this is the same writer who killed off Sharon Carter just to make Captain America sad.
Marvel Fans: Thor is now a female! DIVERSITY!
Me: Sif and Valkyrie are nowhere right now, Avengers Arena just nuked the teenage heroes who were well liked, Amazing X-Men writers just killed off a character they brought into a story because "She would have solved the problem too quickly", and almost great books that tries to be different is bombing in sales like Superior Foes of Spider-Man and New Warriors.
Marvel Fans: On your left DC!
Me: Man, people are gonna be mad if Anya Corazon does die in Spider-Verse.
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Some of the many funny Batman and Alfred moments over the years. BROTP.

Alfred Pennysass.

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That’s right! We need a name! It should be something colorful and dramatic, like…the Avengers.”

Here’s to Janet Van Dyne, one of the founding members of the Avengers and whom MCU decided to erase.

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I always looked at this scene thinking there was more to their exchange and choice of words.

Loki says he loves Thor more than any of them and directing those words only to her. Implying that Sif loves Thor more than him.

Perhaps they were on the brink of turning their ‘friendship’ into something more (hinted in the deleted scene of Sif having one of Loki’s dagger), but his jealousy and schemes pushed her towards Thor.

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Volcano in Iceland by Halldór Sigurðsson

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Doing my best to clear some long overdue commissions this week.

I like Thor.

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Lady Sif // Fairest of the Fair
And… here is it! Honestly I wanted to do something more spectacular but the heat of today didn’t let me work better than this… I’m so sorry. And to be completely honest, the background image is a posterized (in Photoshop) Asgard pic (just one of the tricks the teacher taught me, in case you have to work faster). If I waited to do something better it would have ended that I didn’t like it anymore, sooo… let’s post it now and peace! Lineart & ink WiP

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